The proposed construction of the Caithness II Power Plant, is being falsely billed as a vital part of the renewable energy future. In reality, it’s a fracked gas burning facility that will move us in the wrong direction on climate change and green energy, and hurt rate-payers across Brookhaven.

PSEG has stated since 2014 that this facility is not necessary, and will cost ratepayers an additional $2.9 billion - an average rate increase of 6%. After initially opposing Caithness II, Supervisor Ed Romaine voted to allow the construction to move forward. If I’m elected Supervisor, I will do everything in my power to stop the construction of this gas-burning plant.

If Caithness wants to move forward with this project, it will have to undergo an environmental review and stakeholder engagement process reviewed by the state. As Supervisor, I will work with the State to make that stakeholder engagement process as accessible and transparent as possible, so state officials can hear from the community that would bear the burden of Caithness’ fracked gas profit.

I will work with the town board, organized labor, and environmental groups to open pathways within the Brookhaven for local clean energy and energy efficiency projects to thrive - like Village governments committing to 100% renewable energy by 2030, and community solar. These projects would further erode the desire for gas plants like Caithness II.

My Plan to Oppose Caithness II:

  • Work with NY State to create a transparent, accessible engagement process so that the public can weigh in prior to a state environmental review.

  • Open pathways within Brookhaven for local clean energy and energy efficiency projects, like village commitments to 100% renewable energy by 2030.