Market forces brought an end to single-stream recycling nationwide, starting in early 2018. Supervisor Ed Romaine decided to stick out the town’s single-stream contract, and in November 2018, the company, Green Stream, broke its contract with the Town of Brookhaven.

This complete lack of foresight and mismanagement on behalf of Romaine and the town council majority, resulted in a botched dual-stream recycling plan that was implemented overnight, with no community buy-in, and a lack of sufficient public information. People just want to recycle again, without having to throw their goods in the trash because they missed a day, or didn’t understand how to participate.

If elected Supervisor, I will implement a 6-Point Recycling Plan, which I’ve released through an online petition that you can read about here.

My Recycling Plan:

  1. Weekly, multi-stream recycling pickup, including additional plastics (bags and shampoo bottles, i.e. plastics 3 and 4).

  2. Monthly curbside glass pickup.

  3. Glass drop-off center for every 20k residents (roughly 20 new glass centers).

  4. Interactive recycling website and help line.

  5. Community information events on a regular basis.

  6. Public hearings in all six council districts prior to implementation.